Which Factors should be considered for taken care while taking web hosting

There are lots of factors which are required to be taken care of while considering web hosting.  Here are some of the important factors

    1. Brand Value: You must go with the name of the Web Hosting Provider like Godaddy or bluehost or any others.  You could follow the below mentioned link to buy the webhosting if you need.  Brand Value is very much important because it shows the company value and reputation among the present web hosting providers.  Its  highly important.

  1. Years Of Presence: Another crucial factor is the year of the presence in the line of web hosting provider. If the web hosting company provider year of presence is more than 3 years, it could be considered a Good Hosting Company Provider.  So, the biggest factor is the year of presence in the industry.  This is very much needed as lots of web hosting company opens the business and also close the business in a span of 6 months or 1 year, so that’s the reason behind it.
  2. Looking For Reliable Web Hosting Provider: Here Reliable Web Hosting Provider means those companies which provide web hosting with no Down time which means the server of the Particular does not goes off. The server is always active or it is always ready to provide you the Quality of the web hosting.  Normally 99.9% is the uptime.  You could choose for Godaddy or bluehost.  You could do the signup with the below mentioned Link
  3. Worth Of Money: Once again another factor is the Money so yes web hosting should not be very costly and should not very cheaper one.  It should be on the real sense worth for money.  You should try to choose that package which fits you the requirement.
  4. Support: The most important factor is the support.  Everyone is looking for the support.  Support means whenever you are having any query regarding your hosting, there should be someone to listen your issue and could resolve your issue at the same time.  What happens when the customer buys the web hosting during that time sales support is good but after sales when the question comes on technical support, there is no one to listen your issue.  So, that’s the basic problem.  So, your problem should be entertained at any moment i.e. 365X24X7days
  5. Reviews: You must go with the Review of the Web Hosting Provider Company.  How, it is? How good and type of support and the service provided by them is of what type of level. So, one must go with the Review which will definetly help anyone in understanding the Hosting Company and its Prons and Cons.

If you keep all these Factors in your Mind you could choose the Good Webhosting Company.

I am providing you the link of the Web hosting Company and you could do buy the Webhosting if you need.

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Ways to Earn money Through Blogging

There are lots of ways of doing Blogging and I am listing few of them.

  1. By Selling Advertising Space: What does this “Selling Advertising Space” really means it simply means the space for placing an Advertisement in the Blog where the visitors or readers could see the ad. So, for this Block Advertisement Unit, the advertisers will be charged and the advertisers are required to pay say for 7days, 15 days, 30 days and so on.  The charges varies from blog to blog and their popularity.  Ad rates might be from US$1 tol US$10000 also for the block of ad unit, it simply depend upon the popularity.  So, this is one of the ways of earning money through blogging.
  2. Affiliate Income: Today, the major revenue of all bloggers in the world are coming through the Affiliate Income.  What exactly is affiliate income and I will let you know.  Say if you have any product that you created or made and you are not able to sell it by your own.  Then the some other person will sell the product for you on your behalf.  But in return you are required to pay money simply percentage of your selling portion which is basically ranging from 60% to 95%.  I will make a separate post on Types of Affiliate Income.
  3. By Google Adsense: Today Google Adsense is the Most Trusted and Most highly Paying Advertising Company in the world.  People are earning in Million Dollars through Adsense.  So, adsense is very powerful tool at the moment.  We make a Separate blog Post on Earning money through Adsense. If your blog is having good traffic, then offcourse you could earn good amount of money and no doubt in it.  You just required to place the ad code of the Google Adsense and you will simply start earning money.
  4. Selling Your Own Products/Services: Today bloggers are earning a good income by selling their Own Products or services through online and i.e. by blogging. I have a firm belief that if you blog is of good alexa ranking that means you are having good traffic  and that good traffic could be converted into your sales.  It purely depends how much are you having the traffic for your Blogging.  More traffic means more sales.
  5. By Inviting other Bloggers  to write: You could charge money by inviting others to write something on your blog.  This provides an additional source of income.  But it is applicable for only big bloggers in the sense of those blogs which is having good traffic.
  6. By doing Reviews : The other way of earning money is doing Reviewing of the Product or services and the company used to pay money for writing a blog post on reviewing of their products and services.  By this bloggers used to earn good amount of money.
  7. Other Advertising company ads: Not only Google Adsense, you could use any other advertsing media such as Bingo, media.net,popupads, and other advertising company.  There are huge list of advertising company through you could make money.  But Google Adsense is the king.  This is another way of earning money.
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Benefits of doing Blogging

There are n number of benefits of doing blogging and I will list the following benefits

  1. Way Of Expression: I think today blogging has become a great tool to express one’s feeling and desire.  What ever comes in your mind you could write it and start doing blogging which is really amazing
  2. Helps In getting Credibility: Off course if your blogging is powerful people will often start visiting at your blog and will start reading.  Many of the visitors will be the frequent reader of your blog posting and this will keep on increasing.  In fact you will start finding that your reader will state that I have seen so and so blog posting in xyz website which means you are getting credibility.
  3. Helps In Increasing Visitor: If you are doing Blogging in a regular way no one could stop you from getting your success and I will tell you in a very frank manner if you doing blogging consistently you will start getting traffic to your blog.
  4. Helps in Increasing Sales: The biggest benefit of doing blogging is that it helps in increasing the sales of the business.  The Online Business  will be boosted up by just doing blogging and saying some positive things about your products or services, definitely lots of visitors will be converted into customers.
  5. You Could Earn Money: We will have a separate blog post on this Topic “How could you earn money through Blogging”.  But there are few people who are making huge money and we should try to learn from it.
  6. Helps in Providing name and frame: The biggest benefit of doing Blogging is that it helps you in providing the name and frame. Might be people around you are not knowing you but you will be known to everyone once your blog becomes hit and you will get the name and frame.
  7. Helps in getting Social Recognisation: No doubt in hit if you are a successful blogger, you will start getting social recognisation and people will start recognizing you.  Infact you might be invited as Chief Guest Of the ceremony.
  8. Helps in Increasing Fan Following: Anyone who is successful, will start to get good number of Fan Followers to them like Facebook Followers, Youtube followers, twitter followers and many other social networking sites your Fan Following will simply boost.  You will find a big change before doing blogging and after doing Blogging
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